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Family stirring

I am a firm believer in Families.

I believe that God works in groups, I believe that God is using the Family group just like the Children of Israel was used in the old testament to stir up God.

God is working!!! He is causing things to happen today in the world to make our families really stop and think, “what really is important?” I believe that Christian families are being stirred today by God to ask themselves “Are we really being God’s Will?” We have been also caught up in the humanistic world, we have been influenced by the world, not US influencing the World!! What a SHAME!!

We are to be the Light on the Hill for all to see!! Amen


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Man’s preferences = Denominations

This is a very bold statement!!

But I believe that it is true! Man’s ways are not God’s ways! Period.

I have realized that Christianity has been stuck at the Cross. But I see glimmers of Hope now and then of some christians getting past the cross.  You see, Christ Died on the Cross for US, let me explain it another way, do you know those cartoons on saturday morning that portray someone getting smashed by something, then comes a portrayal of some kind of body(spirit) floating up into the sky. Well, this is exactly what happened at the Cross, Our body has stayed here, and our spirit lives on, because of Christ. God wants His Spirit to meld with ours. He could not of done this if our body(humanness was still active with us) But our spirit is now one with His.

We have allowed our preferences of all mankind to  now have over 450,000 denominations in the U.S.. God cannot be to happy!! He says this in Ephesians 2:22,John 4:21-23, and mentions that our worship could only involve 2 or 3 people in Matthew 18:20. We are to worship in Spirit for He is God. Amen and Praise the Lord

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Challenge for the day!

This is a challenge to everyone out there in blog land!!

What are you doing in your daily life,in your daily routine,or your daily walk with the Lord is done only by tradition!

I challenge you to search deep into your self and research why you do what you do!!!!!

Do not do things that you just do because of habit, but truly look into the things that you believe in.

The Jews in the old testament were caught up in their traditions of who God was to them, and refused to change their picture of who God was. This was their downfall to this day! The jews still see God as the Law and the Temple,God’s intention with His people was to show them in  a way that they understood Him in a practical way, but they were to see the change and see Him in a new Light of Christ the Resurrection Christ.

He had to go as far as destroying the temple to show them that He was not now there but He could be with them in an indwelling Spirit. He also showed them that the Law was Christ. Not commandments.  You know we are just like kids!! As a kid we have to shown or told a thousand times something before we understand a principle. It seems like we have to be allowed a few thousand years to understand the same thing as the Jews.

Christ went through a dispensation for us to see in a very up close and personal way. He became a man  on earth, lived His life, died for us, defeated death, and became a Living God inside Us. Yet we still see Him as still on earth and living as us, We have to realize that We have died to the old ways, and we are new to Christ’s living in US!!

The Physical Temple is gone,the law is in another form. Both are in Christ. Amen and Amen

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Are you ready to give up yet?

This may sound sad or pathetic,but it is just where God wants you!!

God does not want you to be doing anything by your strength!!! It is thru His strength that the Kingdom comes.

Why do we continue to do things on our own strength or on our own ways, do we realize it is in vain. If we believe that Christ died on the cross for us and with us,(we too, died on the cross,this is our humanness that is dead) We need to realize this in our living!  I am not sure exactly what this looks like from our human eyes perspective, but I believe that our spirit will see it when we come across us. This is so hard to explain to people. We will know Christ when we have the faith and belief in Him.

Our first question to ourselves should be “What is God’s eternal Plan?”,what was His intention for us?

Our Creator was in all His essence wanted a place on earth to rest His Head and Body? Think about that for just a little bit. Let me rephrase that so you might understand it better. Our Creator wanted to fellowship with US in our home our life! He wants to be Father,Son,and Holy Spirit or One with us!!!!

This is all He wants!!!!!!

Until we finally agree to be empty of ourselves, or trying to be something, try to be in charge, we will not understand the Creator’s ultimate eternal goal.

So go ahead, Give it up!!! God in you is all that He wants!!

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What’s your Priority!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is 24 hours in a day. Sit down and write down a chart or a time sheet of your typical day, of your activities and see what it is like.(take out 8 hours of sleep) Now really look at it hard and long. What does it say to you. This should you hit you like a ton of bricks!!
Where’s God in my schedule? If He is not in that chart, then throw that chart away and start a new life!!
God is Life. If we don’t have God, we have NO life.period. God is that natural thing that we should look to without thinking or doing anything.
God is in His word, This is the first place we look for Him. His thoughts and will is in the Holy Word. Remember these words are His very personal words of wisdom for us, we have to search and pray for His understanding of the Bible. God’s Truth is in the meaning not of necessarily the words of the bible.
God’s words are awesome, HIS meanings are out of this world!! Really!!!!!

Here is a challenge to everyone! Start slow with the bible reading and read for 10 minutes a day. Maybe every week or every month increase it by 10 or 15 minutes with deep searching of the bible. Ask God what He wants me to get out of this passage every time you read something. It will become alive before your very eyes! Your heart will be filled with joy unspeakable! Increase the time in your bible on a regular basis, this is actually time with the Lord, His words. What would you or me, or the world look like if we were to be with the Lord 24/7!!!!!!!!!

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Is money our God?

I think we might have the denial of money as being our god. We have little by little consumed ourselves  with the thought of money without realizing it or most importantly our achieving of more money!

Let me interject here what I think may be the problem and the solution! We,as people have learned to provide for ourselves and our families for more than just one day!!!!!!!!

Let me start with the human perspective first, Now this may sound barbaric in saying this but I believe it is coming from the core of the problem, but man at one time had to depend on himself for all his needs for survival for food,clothing and shelter every day. It was the same old thing,wake up find food,cook it eat,make clothes,make a roof over your head.

But this ended when man decided to plan for more than one day at a time. It changed when he decided to make it easier(so he thought) for himself and to create that invironment around him to maybe work hard enough that I could take a day off down the road that I wouldn’t have to do anything for a day or maybe a weekend!  Thus was created the weekend or time off!

Secondly,God’s design for man was to search Him(being with Him) on a daily basis. On that Sabbath day to Rest in Him! We are to be filled with Him with that eternal spirit of God that is the Holy Spirit.

God’s Got Our Back! He knows the future,He plans the world in His Eternal Purpose for His Ministry. Why do we then try to torture ourselves to be like the jone’s and work 80 hours a week to create this imitation world that we cannot support ourselves in?

I,myself would like to see us step back to the past and see that it wasn’t that bad back then, when we had to “rough it” with the basics of life. If you think about it, if we are only thinking and doing what we supposedly have to do to survive this world with the basics, then God has a clear path of our communion with Him. But to make this even better is that God wants us to rely on Him for that daily life, so our life could be good!

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The gate was left open!

When Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden,the Paradise of Mankind,God banished them from the garden because of their sinful nature.
God set up Cheruibim’s to guard the east gate of the Garden of Eden.
Did you know that the story of moses and exodus of Egypt was the progressive story of the Children of Israel coming back from the wilderness to God. The children of Israel could of come back to the promised land(GOD) from the north,west(sea) or south, but they by design came from the east!
Isn’t this just Amazing!!

Tell me what you think of this? Do you know of some other amazing things in the bible?

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