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Standing at the trees!

Can you just imagine this picture in your mind! Adam and Eve having to chose from the Tree of Life or the Tree of Knowledge! That had to be such an interesting picture to see if you were hiding  behind a rock and watching to see which one they would pick!( I know, there was only 2 people in the garden at the time!)

But let’s re look this picture.    Adam and Eve were given 2 choices!

1- to believe in Life

2- to believe in knowledge

I just wonder what was going through their minds at the time?

We were not there, nor do we have anything to go by either, so let’s just give it a whirl.k

First, let’s look at where adam and eve were living. The Garden of Eden!!!  Now, in my wildest dreams I don’t think that I could do it justice by my description let alone everything that was in it. But the main theme in the Garden was that it was for man to survive and I use that term loosely!!  Adam was really a man of his own castle, he did not have to work. God had food at his pickin, he had entertainment (the beauty of the garden),and all those animals roaming around!! There was no worries, just living the life!!(notice my word choice)

He already had life, why would he choose life, if he already had it? just guessing here. k

Option 2- Tree of knowledge.  I bet he could of been thinking alot of things, but the one thing that he could of been contemplating was -what if I could be smart enough to do this on my own! I wouldn’t need God!!  I want to be an independent Contractor of my own world!! (this sounds funny, but isn’t this exactly how we do it everyday!! I can do it myself!! Sounds like my granddaughter!) But we fail to realize it comes with caveats.  We always have another opinion or someone else that thinks that they are a independent contractor!

They failed to understand the situation at the time,I believe.

They failed to look at the person who created those trees!!!

God created everything that Adam saw in the Garden, and the world and the Universe. God created everything! So why would he create a manual for anyone to have and learn? So our KNOWLEDGE would be useless if we tried to use it forever to create what God had already made!  We worship the things of the world as like today, as opposed to the ONE who made it!!

We have to acknowledge the ONE who created the world, and BELIEVE IN HIM.!

Which brings me to the final point, if God gave Adam a choice of which one to believe: in HIM or knowledge, shouldn’t believing in him,trusting in Him,be all we need!!


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Jesus manifesto

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Let’s just start all over?

Have you ever wanted to just start over your day? what about your job? what about your life?

I think in respect I think that is what we should all do! Let me tell you what I mean.  When a creater of a car designs  his new creation, he has intentions of someone driving this car in a certain way, with style,effecientcy,speed,beauty and dependability!  but what if we take it off the lot and we don’t use it as it was intended.  What if we drive reckless and destroy the inside of the car and outside of the car to our hearts content. It will only last for a very short time in this way.

I think this is what has happened to us as God’s people! We were designed for His Purpose, in HIS WAY!  Watchman Nee explains it very well in his commentary.(ask I will show his works) He explains it going over Genisis 1-2. God created everything!He created the heavens for the earth,the earth for man, and man for God!! Now just that should blow you away!! We were made for God!

But the best is yet to come!! When God created the earth for man, He made everything for man already to go(this is called instant life for us,faster than the ole nuker! ) He created the air,vegetation,animals,water,food,and a life mate! All we had to do was just live and worship HIM for created this for us and BE God’s creation as He intended it to be!!  This scenerio has blown me away! God’s whole intention for us was just to take care of this earth, worship Him. This was  the intension of the Creator of the car and the World.

Why have we messed it up? We have made something so simple,so hard!

My question to you is How do we start over? What do we do?

I have my idea’s and I will tell you later but what are yours? Let me know


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Who are U Reading?

My authors that I am currently reading are Watchman Nee,Frank Viola,Milt Rodgiquez, George Barna,Ray Stedman.
Let me know who your authors that you are reading?

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Seen any prophets lately?

The bible says that there is prophets in our midst ,men of God.
Do we look for them? Do we know what we would be looking for? What do they look like? How do they speak?
Let me know who you think were prophets or are prophets of our time and we can talk about it,Ok. This could be interesting?!!!!!

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Daily Walk

I wonder sometimes if our intention in the morning is to be intentional in everything we do or say in our day or do we play it by ear?
I say this in regards to your daily walk with God in the sense that It seems to no avail I can have the best laid intentions in doing something in my week and it is always interrupted by something. Is this by accident or is it something that God has laid before me to see if I give it attention? I see it”as not my will but His Will” thing!!
This sometimes is aggravating if you are like me when I have the greatest schedule all worked out for the week and God changes it to His schedule?!!!
I sometimes wonder also on if this is not just a subtle hint that He is in charge and we are only to be concerned about today, and He has it under control without my help. My only job is to meet the day accordingly with the understanding that His will, not mine is going to be done!!

I have recently tried to believe this in my daily walk with him,that today is today, what ever comes my way is what I should be concerned about!

I am going to throw out all my calenders!! how about you!!

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What is a Ministry?

Is “ministry” a corporate thing? Is it old testament thing?Paul,Timothy,Philip,Barnabas they had their ministry! We have christian ministries, we have non-christian ministries, so what qualifies it to be a ministry?
I think we first have to define it, then go from there.
First, I have a problem with the word itself, or maybe the way that we use it. My take on the word is two fold, one is that it should be used in the singular sense. Let me tell you what I mean, when paul is described in the bible as having his journey’s or ministry it was about him and his life of following God through His Spirit. It was Paul’s Life Story and how God used him in his walk with the lord. I have not found in the Bible the Corporate committee to organize and regulate how and when someone should do according to this committee. God created us as individuals as apart of a body, to act as one thing, the church!! Our own little journey of life should always be about Him and His Spirit.

Two, How does a “Ministry” as we know it today, glorify God? If I was to accept Christ as my “personal Savior” how is this working when my environment is a corporate situation. The largest gathering that I have come across in the bible that was to influence a group was that of the Disciples in the upper room, which was around 120 people.
Is what we are doing what God intended?
Please share your thought on this! Let me know if we as a society,church,people, or governments are doing it right?

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