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As I sit at my desk, I am pondering the significance of the candle that I have lit shining its light around me.

I am dumbfounded that the candle does not need to move to shine it’s light, it just sits there in its candle holder.

It is only one light.

My use of a candle is redundant when I have a electrical light above my head.

Why then do I use a candle? for warmth, for ambience, for smell, for it’s just a thing?

My concept of me being not the light, but the candle, which produces the light, with the power of the fire.

What if I used two candles? or three? or four? or five? or hundred, or a thousand?

Would it make a difference in any of my ‘why’ I use the candle scenario’s?

It probably would in all those way’s.

But, what if all those candles, being candles, were in fact were not candles standing there all together, but were really God’s people, just being God’s people, standing there being a candle.

Candles are just candles, if they do not have the power of ‘fire’,it is just the vessel to be the carrior of the fire.

It is the wick, inside the candle that is buried inside the candle that sustains the candle throughout it’s burning.

It is the burning that is seen from close up to far away from another room, to across the valley to the mountain top.

The power is within. It shines within.

The candle, thus represents light, when lit with the fire.

In the end, the candle does not move, but yet it still accomplishes it’s intention, to give ‘light’.

Do God’s people need to rethink there purpose?



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A Foundation

Do most christians have a foundation of knowledge or insight to the scriptures?

Is it necessary?

Do we have others do it for us?

Do we actually study not read the bible, we have been accustomed to just read the bible, which is almost a sin all by itself. We have been told to read the bible in one year, or two year plan’s like it is a race?

We have been taught to read the stories of the bible as children, to learn the lesson of the time. It is like a manual of life that can be used when we come across the same storyline for us to  use in our time of need.

This is what we have been taught, this is what we have done thru tradition or ritual, but is it the purpose of the scriptures?

I believe that it is so much more and so much more relevant to us if we see the bible as a story, a story of God and his kingdom.

For this to happen tho, we have to change the way we look at the bible, it is a story of God,his kingdom, and where they live.

It starts in Genesis 1. Enjoy the story!

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Who’s in Charge?

It seems to me that the basic question in the Garden of Eden was ” Who is in Charge here”!

I don’t know about you, but if I was to just wake from a deep sleep or a beginning of my life and seen the garden of a beautiful landscape, my reaction would probably be “Did I do that?!”. lol.  My instincts would just takeover and assume that this creation was all about me, not for me!

A new creation I would be,unbeknowst to me, that I would think that I created this exquisite scene all around me. After all, I am the only one around! Therefore, I am in charge.

I, then, in my mind, must be a God!

But wait, a voice, where is that coming from? It is above me, but from where? I am the only one here.

This is strange. He says that He created everything that I see all around me, and above me as far as I can see.

Ok,So maybe I didn’t create everything around me, I thought I was something special. But He says, that he is God, the God of my creation and of my world. Wow, you mean he made me, and all these things around me,above me, and all the living things he made are for me. And He is going to come down to me from wherever He is and live with me?!

So the creator,author,God is going to live with me. Cool.

Now, my decision then is to decide whether I can make the important decision for life in this world and survive, or to believe that this God is the Life of all things that He has made.

We know the rest of the story, and its many trials and tribulations that man had to go thru to think that he was capable of Life.

So, Isn’t the first and only question throughout the scriptures, “Who’s in Charge?”

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The Church is…………………..

Christians, We have a problem!

Our identity is in disarray? And it’s our fault.

The looseness of our use of the word “church”and our actions,rituals, has and is not defining who we are as Christians. I see to some extent that maybe we have put the cart before the horse. We as christians have assumed that we are exemplifying the attributes of a christ like life, when in fact we are just a very weak example of a concept of a christ like ideal.

First, the realization of what God’s intention of his creations and their purpose from God’s chosen people,the jews, and then to spread the love for all to be included in his purpose. It is where we need to see the real meaning of what God was telling  and showing the children of Israel  that it was all about Him, in everything for everyone. This understanding  for the children was the practice of the details to comply with God’s identity. It was their manual to be “God’s people”, and their was no other way to this identity. This has in some respects bled thru in the christian life.

God gave them the law and it was written in stone!, so it could not and would not change,no additions or subtractions.This is the method that God speaks for his intentions for his people.

Put ourselves in the mindset of a jewish sect in the various kingdoms that they were a subset in that will bring us to the understanding  of their mindset of what God was going to free them from tyrant kingdoms that kept them in slavery. It was to become a flesh issue in their lives, but not an eternal one.

Secondly, with the inclusion of gentiles it was the dissolving of everything that jewish life was all about as to the rituals that ‘God’s people were and what they were. It couldn’t  include the gentiles, unless they succumbed to the rituals of the jews. This is what the issue with Paul and Peter was in the book of Acts. This united group was just not kosher with the jewish elite. It just couldn’t work in so many ways. This pronouncement that the old way of knowing of who God’s select people were, was not by the written and systematic ways of his people, but by who they were in God, and later to be thru Jesus,the messiah.

It is this second realization that we need to see that, we too need to drop our rituals and ways of becoming ‘God’s people’ as did the jewish community had to realize with the addition of the gentiles in the purpose of God. We have become stuck in the ways of our thinking of ‘creating the kingdom’ that we have missed the fact that we are the kingdom because of our belief in Jesus and his messianic life that, He is the new king of the new kingdom that has given us a new life in not the world but of God’s Life!

Christians need to be the ‘light on the hill’ to be reckonized as ‘God’s people’. This will be who Chirst is. Nothing more,nothing less.

The definition of ‘the Church’ is ‘God’s people’. and nothing else.

God’s desire for Adam in the garden was not slavery, but life. Adam chose slavery, God rectified Adam to bring us to life in Christ, which he shows us in Revelation 21-22.

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My journey of digging deep into the scriptures has led me to two ironic observations of my christian life, and the christian life in general.

The two ironic things that have come across as glaring absence of real study or learning of the bible is the opposite of each other.

The beginning of the  story of the bible thru the eyes of the jewish people and the end of the bible as told to john in revelation.

God’s purpose,the blueprint of his desire, the beginning of his story should be the most understood aspect of the story. To go further into any story without knowing the purpose or the direction of the story is so wrong. But on the other end of the spectrum we seem to totally even look at the end of the story? Really? I mean, Really? The christian has been misled into the end of the story, as the end of the story.period. Really? I mean,Really? It is the most amazing and most intriguing part of the story that should blow you away, that should make you see how far or how close we are to the end of the story!

Unless we understand the first and last of the story, the scriptures in the middle really have no meaning to the story.

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Rinse, no repeat.

You have probably read this on a bottle of shampoo from the directions- ‘Pour shampoo onto your head, lather. Rinse and repeat.

Sounds easy enough to do, this is why we all do it. But what if we have misunderstood the directions? We will get back to this later.

As you have noticed with anything that a person does for the first time, there is always instructions that you should follow.(this does not included men tho!lol) This is the concept that we have come by to use in all our work.

God’s 10 commandment’s seem to have the same effect on us when we look at them, Rinse and repeat.

It is a step by step guide to God’s laws…….

But what if it was something else?

What if it was a description of a task? A task of God that was to exemplify Him. God’s work is after all, just God.

This concept of  ‘creation’ is also looked at building of a ‘temple’. Temple theology is then created. This concept is inspired in the beginning of time over and over again in God’s people and even all other societies, as they all created a ‘temple’ of their chosen way. So, just maybe this is the ‘concept’  of temple that was seen as physical reality that people saw, and copied.

But let us get the whole picture of this scenario that we have just created. We, religious and non-religious have created a ‘temple’, do we now go and create another ‘temple’, because that is what the instructions say? No.

We create, just as God did, it was to be enjoyed. As in God’s creation, it was made perfectly! It was designed as the ‘temple’,it was then that it needed an image(this is another blog) to represent the ‘God’ who created it. God of Israel is the creator of the temple of the world as we know it.

Temple is done.Finished.Created. The end.

Why then are we trying to rinse and repeat, every week?

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The Gap

As I have said to many of my friends and family that  are curious of the things that I am doing and studying, I am being broad in my studies of christianity,and the bible. One such way has been looking into judaism. My knowing of judaism has been very limited by just picking things up thru other studies. Recently,I starting looking at the differences between the two ideals.

I started out knowing that there was a divide in their reasoning between each other, But I think that there is more of a bigger divide that I once thought. And I believe that it comes on both sides of the divide.

For the Jews ,it seems that there is this concreteness of staying in the literalness of the torah. It seems that there is no moving on this issue.

For the christian,  It seems that the story begins with Jesus and ends with Jesus. This leaves out alot of things that need to be worked thru to understand the big picture.

I am still jumping in to all the jewish life and beliefs of the jews to understand the meaning. This study will also lay alot of background storyline of the christian beginnings. I feel that this is a major mistake on most christianity for not knowing this aspect of the christian beginnings.

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