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The scriptures are ‘God’s story’ of himself,his people and his world/kingdom. All things mentioned in the scriptures are from God’s desires and creation of his kingdom. God’s perspective of his people being of his creation are of his plan to be in and of  His creation.

This is very important to remember in our reading and understanding the theme of the bible, the whole bible, not books,not verses, not testament’s but the ‘whole storyline’. To many times we use a phrase, a verse, a story to dictate the whole bible’s meaning. This is a very bad mistake that people make, it let’s them to fill in everything around this verse or story to make their whole storyline of the bible. Wrong!

The ‘Storyline’, or ‘Theme’ or ‘Paradigm’ of the Bible is only ‘seen’ if we take into account the whole bible and it’s flow of God’s direction of message to his people.  There are multiple stories, passages and topics that have made the ‘whole’ bible’s intent, when we use it as a subplot, or at the most an incident!  It will be a “OMG” moment when you take inconsideration the whole message of the bible and it’s connection of all the things that God has placed in the scriptures together that have made up the script of God and his people and his circumstances that has given us the real ‘true’ storyline.

Read larger chunk’s of the bible at a time starting with ‘the beginning’ of the story so your understanding will not be subverted on something small, that you make big. Reading 1 or 2 chapters at a time will allow you to see a bigger picture, then piecing the next 1 or 2 chapters to continuing this plan.

Go now and ‘SEE’ the big picture of God!



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How do you,Read?

For those that take reading the bible seriously, I mean in a more serious bible study of your own, in what lens do you read from? ( You won’t see this at church)

For most people that are serious in real bible study will come from usually come from either from their upbringing traditions, which is reading the scriptures from an all ready theology mindset, and when the word is read it will ‘fit’ their story.

This mindset has been in effect for quite awhile in the christian main stream, which will give it its own direction and outcome. I would unpack this scenario now but this is not the road for today.

Where as the road today is pointing to the road less traveled is the one of the critical Historic method of which the storyline is kept in context of history, and using the social, personal, and historical truth describe the origins of ancient texts in order to understand  ‘the world behind the text’.

This method ‘critical historical method’ is one that is being used more aggressively it seems the last thirty to forty years in the educational realm, which has brought about some new and different light to the scriptures. In my opinion it is the more truest form of extracting the ‘message’ of the scriptures. In the way of ‘theological methodology’ the scriptures are skewed because you are being biased in your reading and mindset. It is only because you are set in your ways of ‘seeing’ the bible or that it is thought to be the only way to read it, or it was the way that your church sees it.

It is a safe way to start from scratch with out any preconceived notions on anything and just take the text for what meant to the person,persons or people on a social understanding to stay within the context of the story. Go deeper into God’s people, who they were,why they were chosen, what were they to do? This will get you on a good path of God’s storyline for ‘His Chosen People’!!



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Do you ever come across something in your bible study that goes against your belief that you have now?

This is happening to me in a lot of studying that I have been doing in the last seven years. I am not on purpose looking for things that are obviously different, but I am looking at the foundation of the christian faith and how it started. It is different from what we see now in our ‘christian’  life.

I know that statement comes out of left field, for some, but you must stop and think and relook at the scriptures, and also the back story of christianity, to get the actual meaning of the scriptures. Back story is very,very important, do not take it lightly, no matter what somebody tells you. You see, only now when someone tells you a story today, and they tell you about something happened to them and what it made them do,say, or react can you totally understand how they would tell the story, you know the background of it all.

But if I was to tell you, a story, from the early 1800’s, you would need to know some background of the story to fully understand on why,where,how, when,and what was going on in my story, or else you would come to some different perspective of the story than I  wanted you to get.  So it is with the same argument that we must use to understand the story of the scriptures. I believe this with all of my heart that this is why we have come with some different messages throughout our reading of the word.

Reading of a back story in a time period and of a society, does not infringe on anything of the bible’s authoritative premise, but it enhances the story to let us be fully aware of what was going on and why. “……and you were there!” is an appropriate phrase to use if we were to put ourselves in the ‘biblical narrative’  in real-time. It would just blow our socks off, if we were to be tele-ported into the scenes of biblical times. I am also convinced that we would come away from the biblical story with a lot of different belief’s and understandings.

It is sometimes frowned upon in some christian circles to not look at or use any ‘outside material’ to further ourselves in biblical knowledge. But what is not understood with biblical studies is that we have taken everything for face value, or the black and white of it. This will just not do!! We need to just go back 200 yrs to see that things changed on the way we perceived things and the reformation parted ways with Catholicism. It is with Martin Luther and John Calvin, that led the way with a different belief system in the scriptures.

This is even more reason to  further ‘your’ study, not anyone’s, or anyone’s group but your’s to make it concrete in your belief. This method of searching the scriptures about the people,land,leaders,societies,gods,kingdoms,kings,rulers, and beliefs will ultimately make God’s story come alive!!

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A Foundation

Do most christians have a foundation of knowledge or insight to the scriptures?

Is it necessary?

Do we have others do it for us?

Do we actually study not read the bible, we have been accustomed to just read the bible, which is almost a sin all by itself. We have been told to read the bible in one year, or two year plan’s like it is a race?

We have been taught to read the stories of the bible as children, to learn the lesson of the time. It is like a manual of life that can be used when we come across the same storyline for us to  use in our time of need.

This is what we have been taught, this is what we have done thru tradition or ritual, but is it the purpose of the scriptures?

I believe that it is so much more and so much more relevant to us if we see the bible as a story, a story of God and his kingdom.

For this to happen tho, we have to change the way we look at the bible, it is a story of God,his kingdom, and where they live.

It starts in Genesis 1. Enjoy the story!

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What is the Bible?

A manual,history,rule book, a story, religious document, or just something to dismiss all together.

How do we ascertain what the bible is in our own experience? Is it the story that creates a lifestyle? Does history create a lifestyle? Does God have “a People” to call? How does a God interact with His people? Does the historical story be used as  an example to be duplicated? Is this Jewish God for anyone else? Is it for believers or non believers?

So many questions to answer about a book. Where do you start to find the answers?

My journey has led me to two revelations that cover this subject. One, blank slate, don’t start with any pre-conceived ideas of what it is. It is,what it is, you will see it as you go along reading it from beginning to end(this is the way to read the bible, no bits and pieces or a daily dose of it). Second, study it,(this means referencing all associated material available, this is a jewish story,so much understanding of who,what,when,where, and why about the jewish life is needed) this should be the only parameter that should be used  in seeing the story unraveling before you. But noticed that this is about a called group,people,community.

Try this method out, and tell me how it is going with your journey!

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For those that don’t know what the word means in the title, no many do that don’t really study the bible. There are two definitions of the word “word” from the bible that take on a whole new meaning depending on how you interpret the meaning. We can use one meaning throughout the whole bible and come away with a version of the bible, than someone who interprets the word in the other definition.

and this could be where we get into some various beliefs.

“Logos” is the actual words of God that have inspired the bible and have been written down for us. This is the way that alot of people and especially the jewish community as to how the bible is to be read.

But there is another word that is used to describe the word of God, and that is “Rhema”.

Now this is a deeper meaning of “word”. An example of this word rhema being used is the verse of Romans 10:17. “So faith come out of hearing and hearing through the word of Christ.” Note the word used in this verse “hearing” it did not say “seeing”. I think we sometimes just input the word “seeing” to prove our understanding of it. But  “Word” in the verse is the rhema type that is used here. It is not the written word but deeper meaning of the whole “word”. We need to also understand that we need to take the “word” of God as a whole,not as parts,as we do now. (Those that study Greek can verify in the texts mention that this is how it is used.)

This deeper meaning of the word or rhema I believe is what could be referenced as “the spirit of the Word”. Let this sink in for a minute, and say it out loud to really understand what this means. We need to be descriptive of each word of this phrase. Spirit, this is the more elusive description of God, but we can try our best to describe it. God’s spirit has always been. God’s spirit is what God is all about. It is His will. He’s desire. It is really a description of Him. And God is God!

Let me take this even further real to us when I use a personal reference to imitate this being. My rules(commandments) as a father to my three girls(when they were younger) knew of my restrictions and rules of the McCall household. But these were not actually written rules that I had, but they were beliefs and personalities of myself that I was portraying on my household. I know I told them what they were at least a million times,don’t know if they really remembered them, but Oh well. After all, this was my Kingdom! ha,ha.(don’t tell my wife)

Can you see the picture that I have created, it wasn’t the written laws that I wrote(10 commandments) it was a reflection of me in those laws that I was trying to show the girls that I wanted them to be also. It wasn’t about the million laws that I could of wrote down.

Our seeing the 10 commandments as “logos” has really hurt our understanding of the father,in this case God. We have to see the “Word” as “Rhema” as the “Spirit of the Word”.

What is it that God wants us to hear in the Word?

On a personal note, I have been searching and studying and reading and pondering and  meditating on the “Spirit of the Word” and I feel that I have come to an understanding of what God’s intentions are for His People. albeit I don’t everything about it, but I think that I know the gist of the outline. I see more and more of Him everyday, and I thank him daily.

I pray that you too can “See” and “Hear” Him in His “Word”.

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some ramblings

It is just Awesome!

The amazing thing about searching God is the truths that come out through people,authors,bible,and just pausing in life to see God.

Let me expand on this subject. My take on our journey as christians, has taken a erroneous  turn that has taken us away from the truth.What I mean from this is that we missed alot from the bible in how we perceive it. We read the words, then either memorize them, or take them for their existence in the bible and that is it.

I believe where we have gone wrong is that we have missed two stories behind the words. One is the actual context behind the  story or event that was going on in a particular passage. We need to understand the nuances behind the event or the author.Who was the author talking to?What were the circumstances going on around the event? Why was he talking to these people?We could actually know the author’s purpose in writing the words that he did.

My solution to this problem is also knowing the history or some different aspects of the Jewish lives and their understanding of the world at their time. We may have missed some key perspectives on why and how God’s people did not have “faith” in God.

The second story is behind the previous story is that their is either a inference or an actually symbolic meaning of the story of event. Now, this is sometimes considered a touchy subject with people and how they view the bible and it’s understanding. If one can start by seeing one symbolic thing in the scriptures you can start to see others if you are looking from those glasses.You will eventually find out that they all start to point to each other and tell a whole story. The bible will come alive to you as read from then on!

Looking at events through symbolic eyes is really astounding to do and once you see things in this different light, you won’t go back. I am not sure if  this is because you see a part of the big picture of God or it is just God let’s you see His eternal purpose. From experience, over the last few years I have seen the bible in a totally new light, it is like a whole new story of God.

If this revelation from God in the bible is from a “spiritual realm” then it has to be different than that what we could ever imagine or write, we need to be aware of this about God. He is an “Eternal God”. A God from outside of this world,time and space.

I challenge you to “look” at the bible from a different perspective of looking deeper into the meaning of the words of the bible,even the most mundane and reoccurring ones. They all have meaning behind them throughout the bible.

Another key way to understand the scriptures is to pray-read the bible. Huh? Pray-reading the bible is praying as you read the word to be in the spirit of God while reading his thoughts. It does make a difference. After all, the words(God) are alive, aren’t they!?

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