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church=little c -the building

what would we do if there was no building to go to? on sunday, or any day? How would we act? Would we be lost? would we just go to another building?

Think about it. What would you do? We do? Could you function without going somewhere on a particular day? See your friends? Sing a song or two? Listen to ‘one’ person talk?

Just wondering……………………………………………………. maybe you  should too!



*Capital C = ‘The Church’,Body, Believers


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The Church is…………………..

Christians, We have a problem!

Our identity is in disarray? And it’s our fault.

The looseness of our use of the word “church”and our actions,rituals, has and is not defining who we are as Christians. I see to some extent that maybe we have put the cart before the horse. We as christians have assumed that we are exemplifying the attributes of a christ like life, when in fact we are just a very weak example of a concept of a christ like ideal.

First, the realization of what God’s intention of his creations and their purpose from God’s chosen people,the jews, and then to spread the love for all to be included in his purpose. It is where we need to see the real meaning of what God was telling  and showing the children of Israel  that it was all about Him, in everything for everyone. This understanding  for the children was the practice of the details to comply with God’s identity. It was their manual to be “God’s people”, and their was no other way to this identity. This has in some respects bled thru in the christian life.

God gave them the law and it was written in stone!, so it could not and would not change,no additions or subtractions.This is the method that God speaks for his intentions for his people.

Put ourselves in the mindset of a jewish sect in the various kingdoms that they were a subset in that will bring us to the understanding  of their mindset of what God was going to free them from tyrant kingdoms that kept them in slavery. It was to become a flesh issue in their lives, but not an eternal one.

Secondly, with the inclusion of gentiles it was the dissolving of everything that jewish life was all about as to the rituals that ‘God’s people were and what they were. It couldn’t  include the gentiles, unless they succumbed to the rituals of the jews. This is what the issue with Paul and Peter was in the book of Acts. This united group was just not kosher with the jewish elite. It just couldn’t work in so many ways. This pronouncement that the old way of knowing of who God’s select people were, was not by the written and systematic ways of his people, but by who they were in God, and later to be thru Jesus,the messiah.

It is this second realization that we need to see that, we too need to drop our rituals and ways of becoming ‘God’s people’ as did the jewish community had to realize with the addition of the gentiles in the purpose of God. We have become stuck in the ways of our thinking of ‘creating the kingdom’ that we have missed the fact that we are the kingdom because of our belief in Jesus and his messianic life that, He is the new king of the new kingdom that has given us a new life in not the world but of God’s Life!

Christians need to be the ‘light on the hill’ to be reckonized as ‘God’s people’. This will be who Chirst is. Nothing more,nothing less.

The definition of ‘the Church’ is ‘God’s people’. and nothing else.

God’s desire for Adam in the garden was not slavery, but life. Adam chose slavery, God rectified Adam to bring us to life in Christ, which he shows us in Revelation 21-22.

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Have we been looking at this the wrong way?

The bible is a very unique book that has withstood thousands of years of scrutiny,volumes of translations, attacks of authenticity,historical accuracy and many more attempts of blemishing of it’s Holy words.

This last year has kept up with the trend to attack it’s power and identity. Let me say something here that might sound sorta weird, This attacking of the bible for what it is and stands for has given many  the believers and nonbelievers something to openly discuss things in a very new and exciting way. And for what it is worth, there always comes out of these discussions,some new thoughts and what if scenarios that can boggle my mind and many others too. Personally, I love it.

I truly believe that the “real” church is outside the  walls of the church’s that we see at every corner. I believe that the people that are truly seeking God and His understandings are very creative and diligent in their search. This is why I believe that blogging,authors writing outside the box,theologians that are not afraid to go outside their structure of comfort and tell what they believe, that is really bringing about the corporate church.

For the ones that are stuck in an environment that is in “just keep on doing what your doing” brick and mortar  environment  I feel sorry for you. You are very sheltered, and non-thinking of but a minuscule piece of the eternal purpose of God. After all, God is concerned with the whole church, not  the pieces of it. This may sound harsh, but I believe it is the mistake that we “Christians” have made. God’s crescendo  that He talks about is the bride and  not billions of people to become His  people(church), but just his Church, and she has a name, “His Bride”. This is the corporate name of His church.

If we could somehow look at what the bible or God is showing us throughout the bible that he is not concerned with the little pieces of the pie, but the pie itself is the goal.

This brings me to the point of “are we looking at the references of the bible the wrong way” when it is mentioning the humanness of the story of Man and Woman?

We seem to take the stance that God is talking about us as humanity is to act and do as the two identities are portrayed. Think about this for a moment- If God knows that we are of a flawed nature, and that there is nothing we could do to change this nature, not even being good would correct it, then why would God give us instructions on how to do something to mask the flaw in our nature?

But what if we are being told and shown in this divine way that if we are “reborn” into Christ that we not of this “old nature” but of a “new nature” an Divine Nature that is of God and we(as the church) then will be a virgin bride for Him on that glorious day of the Wedding feast!!*

Look at the message of the bible,from beginning to end, what God is looking for and who and how is being shown us of God’s Eternal Purpose.

He wants a Bride.

* For a more in depth study of this train of thought of God’s Eternal Purpose, find the book at your bookstore of Frank Viola’s titled  “From Eternity to Here”. It is a great read and shows you the underlining message throughout the bible of what God is showing to His people. His Church. His Bride.

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Farmer Doug

The sower has an important job on a farm of agriculture.

You just can’t be a johnny appleseed of life.Tossing seeds wherever they may land,expecting every seed to come forth with fruit.

This is why the farmers introduced mechanical machinery to do the job that they didn’t want to do by hand. It was to place 1 seed a foot apart from the next seed and another foot away from the next, and so on.

This method is the opposite of some our thinking when we try to grow something in our garden, when we just dump some seeds into a whole and expect miracle plants as high as the house and come bearing multitudes of vegetables.(been there, done that)

But wait, have we actually done this in our thinking of our religion of christianity?

This may hard to see or even swallow as truth but think upon this and let it sink in or study it deeper.

If we are of Christ as his multiplication as seeds, are we not suffocating ourselves being throw into an environment of the “church”. When Christ has planted us evenly apart of each other, to be able to reproduce Him as the “grain of wheat”, He as the original grain was not beside another grain to compete for the richness of the earth to warm and to shelter the seed, or to just soak the nourishing water that seeped into the ground, or to hog all the heat that the sun shown down on the earth of our fertile land.

Our understanding of God’s multiplication of Him, is not depending on our being together as the seeds of God in a glob in the dirt, but as individual seeds being nurtured in God,of God,and for God, if we are to be of Him, we should just be at peace in our surroundings of our planting,soaking up the water and Sonshine of His being so that we will someday be that image of God.

I recommend that  we really seek the Lord in this matter and see that we as His called ones, seek Him only. The growth will naturally take place in God for us to be His Fruit!!

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Blogging as it seems is sort of a new thing, but yet it isn’t.

Blogging is the visual way of saying what we feel or want to be heard.

Saying or wanting to be heard is real answer.

We have been trapped in our bodies in the area of religion on saying or wanting to be heard arena.

Blogging has unleashed this.

I am so thankful for the blogging world in the area of authors,theologians,and yes,normal people like you and me that have just opened up thru the blogging world to really say what was on their mind. The pink elephant in the room is staring at us as I speak. You know what and who it is but we are afraid to say it out loud,aren’t you.

Ok, I will say it for you, It’s religion, or more distinctly, the church!

You see, it’s the system. The way we have always done it,the bylaws, the denomination, the I don’t know any other way.

We have become so oblivious to searching the answer to the only question that we have ever heard.

Are you going to Heaven?

If this is what you have heard, you are not alone.

The story of the Bible is  sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more to God than going to heaven, that we have failed to see the real issue.


Blogging world has exploded on this arena of what the real issue is of the Bible and it’s real meaning. Everyone has chimed in to address questions about the bible and the eternal purpose of life. I have been both thrilled to read so many people ask and tell of their understanding of the bible as I know see the bible and the discussions of what the scriptures say to us. It is an exhilarating experience to say the least to read and hear how people are “seeing” God’s word in the true light that He meant it to be.

I challenge you to escape the confines of the one person every week to do this or that in your daily life and to actually search God. Whether it be thru the bible, thru theoligians( I highly recommend doing some of this with your studies,if need be I can give a list of some good ones),thru authors, and thru your daily prayer/reading of the bible.(this is praying for reading of the bible of the thoughts of God)It will change the way you read the bible.

God’s eternal purpose is nothing short of Amazing, I can honestly say that it revolutionary to your life.

I pray that we can see it, when we look into His eyes! Amen,and Amen


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There is no “I” in Man!

We have all heard the saying that “there is no “I” in Team”. I think it has been used in alot of different ways and instances, but let me carry the same meaning to maybe  a new way of looking at the Bible.

First let us get our bearings on a key truth.In the beginning is where all the answers are to this truth.We need to go to Genesis 1:26-Then God said,”Let us make man in our image,in our likeness,…..”

We sometimes read books and other periodicals and we just seem to skim over the words and think that we get the meaning of them. I think we do the same with the bible.

Let’s look at the first two words of this passage,” Let us”. I know, and you know that “us” is more than 1 person or identity. Now,we need to really know on how many more than 1 we are talking about to really know the truth here. So let us go back to where it tells who was at the beginning.

We can use John 1:1-5. This passage tells us that in the beginning was the word,and the word was God ,and the word was with God.  Now, we need to see this in our spiritual eyes, not in our natural eyes. God was there in the beginning but in him was more than just God, but a Son(Jesus) who in Him had (life/Holy Spirit). This is why God says ” Let us” when He created his creation.

To illustrate  this concept let us use us as an example, thru all of us we have someone else in us thru appropriation, we have kids and grand-kids.  This is an example of who we are thru the generations of time. This is the example that God has given us to understand who  He is. We just need to “see Him”.

Now let us take the next two words, “make man”. Now if we can understand here that God could of said anything here. He could of said, make steve,fred,sally,kathy,or any specific name of man but He chose to use almost a generic name here to begin with. It was a starting point. He also knows that this is not going to stay one person, but many. So let us now realize that man is a corporate man, a ambassador of all subsequent mankind. This will be renamed latter in the bible to make it more personal to God, this also brings out another huge insight of God.

All throughout the bible God uses certain people of the jewish community and outside the jews realm that are instrumental in His work. But to make a point to us I believe He changes their names. The humanly names given to us are just that human. We for the most part do not give much thought to our names given to us, other than what our parents were influenced at the time. God, I believe uses names of “His world,Kingdom” to give meaning to Him. This is so very personal to Him.

But God changes that by giving us a name to have a special meaning to Him. Such examples are Abram,Sari,Saul,Simon, and many others. He later changes “Man” to “His People,Body,Church,and Bride” to show one that they are His, and that also who they are. Ultimately the one that  He is trying to express  is “His Bride” but that is another blog, so back to the subject.

The next three words are instrumental in our understanding of who we are. “in our Image”.

To illuminate this picture let me me tell you about the picture. Let me tell you about my wife. She is all about pictures, taking them, printing them,collecting them, and looking at them. You see, she is visual person who collects photos of you(I know,kinda scary,especially of her family) to not have a just a snapshot of time but it is a ongoing slideshow of someone to really know of who you really are. You can really tell alot about someone by the many “pictures” of their life.This can also be said about God.

God is so full of pictures, but it seems that we just don’t “see” the picture. God shows us many in the bible, but we fail to see all that He is trying to show us.But the one that He is trying to show us here is of the utmost importance.

His image, is who He is first, and secondly what He is.

Who He is, Father,Son,and the Holy Spirit(Life) is the simpleness of this image.

What He is, is even more simple, He is Life.

 We, as an corporate creation or being, is to be mingled with Him, as an act of marriage,groom and bride, in the most “televised and talked about marriage in all the world” God and man as one!

Let us reconsider now how we view the story of the bible and read it as a corporate,bride, angle to understand what God is trying to show us in His words.

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Our use of the word “church”

It is such a simple word, but we seem to say the word church  to mean an inanimate object. Where did we get this meaning from?

The jewish sect was the first to hint of a structure of worship, in their own way, that was called a tabernacle.  Us gentiles stole the concept but called it a church for worship. Our understanding of the purpose also was taken from the jews of the fact that we have to all get together to form a group to worship.

What we must understand is that God was using the imagery of the tabernacle as a picture for us to see,if we were to come to him and just commune with Him. This would be a complete picture of God and His people together as one.

This is a stopping point from this blog to highlight a characteristic of God. God’s understanding of “LIFE” is almost beyond words for us humans, but it is easier to understand if it is told in a story or a parable if Jesus was trying to get a point across to the disciples.  We have to go beyond our thought process to understand God’s ways. Our ways are not His Ways,remember.

God’s economy(business) was in the old testament to keep the jewish people(Israel) together in way that they would be protected from the outside world without to many incidents. The rules and regulations that the jews added to the commandments and to eating and sacrificing laws added to their issues. This scenerio of keeping the jews together is actually the parable or story that you here in the psalms and other places that refer to the shepherd and the sheep. The description  of the shepherd taking care of his sheep and protecting them from the wolves and lions is in reference to the world and to satan. (WoW)

But then, Christ came and changed this scene. The Shepherd was just a temporary condition for his people, until He came to change things. His dieing on the Cross,thus killing the natural way of doing “religion”, and bringing  to Life the all-inclusive Christ which has now been processed for us, with Christ being born,dieing,and being raised to the Father, He is now complete in Us.

The Old ways are now over, a new way has been created that is better is now in affect. We now have a tabernacle or home with God in us,and us in Him.  For this new way to be complete and stand on its own, all the old ways have to die. God’s living in us and us in Him is complete into it’s self!!!!! Why do we need to use the old ways to improve on the new way? But we do.

Our understanding of God’s People,His Church, His Bride, has got to change and it will.

Let’s come at this from the angle from the brides perspective and see if we can make it clear to us.  Hear is the preface, God has already asked us the church to be his bride(He chose us before time!) One key here is realizing that this is in a corporate setting not as individual way of looking at it. The ones that accept the plea to be apart of Christ as one entity(His Bride) is the picture that we are at now. Now, since we as the bride have committed ourselves to Christ as the bride we “should” be focused on Him and Him only. This is not the case, in christianity.  The bride’s only goal from this point on is to get ready for the wedding. Staying true to the groom is the ultimate goal from here out. My experience with girls and weddings are my forte’, I have 3 girls and 2 weddings. We know from the time they are asked til that special day, it is all about Him!!.

Where we are confused is that when Christ chose us and we said yes, We are now apart of Him, it is as we are already married or that we are ONE. This is also considered the body of Christ, or the Church.

Our being with Christ makes us apart of His body,church,bride. Let us see this revelation so that  we may become what God wants us to represent.

His new BRIDE!!

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