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People. Image. Ada’m.

Understanding words is tuff. English can be a bear sometimes, especially to outsiders. Understanding other languages can be tough too. Especially when a word can mean two different things, which way is the writer meaning for the word?

The bible is, IMO(twitter talk for =In My opinion) a life long journey! It is not a read it once a year kind of thing just to say I read it! It is  story of one that could be read and ‘see’ different things in the verses from day one til you die.

But it is when you really just take the story from beginning to end and dissect it, brings  a written story into a full blown Bach masterpiece, in this instance, it is a full blown God masterpiece!! This is where the average christian has failed in its description of ‘following’ Christ as he has called us to do. As an example of failing, when can use the disciples as a good example, they ‘followed’ Jesus (literally) for over three years and still did not understand what God thru Jesus was trying to  say.

God’s design of ‘humankind’,’people’, ‘Image’,’Adam’, was to be ‘that’ Image of himself in the world. What’s not to understand? Ha. We still have issues with this, don’t we?

Maybe if we come from a different angle than we have today we can work thru this. What if we come from the aspect of a ‘people’, the ‘image’, ‘corporate’, or ‘Ada’m'(humanity;Hebrew), it is the inclusiveness of ‘all of mankind’ that is in the wrong,that it is all of us that need to come back to God as a whole, to have the ‘humankind,people,Image,Ada’m be as a identity for God.

Could it be that our instilling a method of being a singular saving paradigm, as a moot point to achieve this, in God’s plan? We could use the model of  a ‘body’ working as a complete and autonomous organ that only works if all are working together to be that such ‘body’. Has our rush to ‘go’ and ‘make disciples’ fogged our understanding  of ‘His people’, ‘His Image’, ‘His Ada’m, to act as a body and not as the individuals that we have become and acted like.

A note to remember from the old testament  is that the naming or calling of a person to lead the Israelites, God’s people, is the use of the person as a singular name for a plural people as his people. God used Adam,David,Joshua,Moses, Abraham as a singular object to represent a plural meaning. To counter this thought, go to the New Testament, Christ eludes that He is  the new Israel, the covenant doing,believing, and righteous image of God. Christ is the Messiah that has come to be the example of the ‘image’ of God that was to be intended to be from the days of the garden of eden.

Now it is the time for ‘us’ as all God’s people to be what we were meant to be! (Do you see what this is saying? Starting with the Corporateness of Adam we must come back to this paradigm.)




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The Biggest Mistake in Kingdom Talk

via The Biggest Mistake in Kingdom Talk  

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July 13, 2018 · 10:02 am


I don’t know how many people just sit back at your theology of God, or more specific your belief in your local church. Do you ask yourself is it working,is it making a difference.

The one aspect of this paradigm of belief is that I see alot holes that the belief’s of certain things don’t actually work. One aspect that I would like to hit on, is the aspect of the community of the ‘christian’ family. One thing that I have to make it quite clear with this ‘community’ thing, it seems that the ‘church’ is emphasizing that they must be a influence in the community around them,(think on this concept that they are pushing for a minute) they are trying to be a influence to people that are that they might come into contact for 2 hours on a saturday for a feed the neighbors thing, and then go home. This is not what a community does or is. But that is another story. The point of community being the followers of God is that they are together in body,spirit, and mind. I would like to use a depiction of community from a movie to show the difference one’s community can make if it is realized in what it is.  The movie “Paul” that was in the theater’s months back, did an excellent job of portraying the foundation of the community in the first century. The ‘community’ were together as one being ‘one’ in mind,body,and spirit in everything they were. It was one of the things that stood out in the movie as I watched, it was a different perception that we have that is different than now.  One thing that in this instance that brought them together was this ‘persecution’ of their time with the Romans, but although we might think that this is an anomaly, it is going on still.

Our understanding of what the paradigm of God getting back his creation entails, we will not understand persecution from now until God fully take’s control!

Community is one of that ‘believers’ are apart of, because they are of one body,spirit, and mind. Now, why would ‘outsiders’ be invited to participate into this community unless they were already believers of this community? This sounds harsh, but let me explain. God, Jesus work in a an upside down kinda way, it is not of our thinking and doing. This goes back to God’s choosing a people(Jews) to be his representative of him in the old covenant, they were to be a mirror of God, an image of him in his temple(earth,world) this was to be the catalyst for the nations to see them at the top of the mountain with God, and be inspired to also be with the creator God.

It is at this point, that it is upside down in our ways of doing things the usual way. We must ‘be’ believers, just ‘be’. If we are just ‘be’ing’ then we are being the witness of who God wants us to be, his image! As it says in 1 Peter 2.9 But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. 

This is the opposite of what the ‘church’ is trying to do now. The church is trying to make the world a community when in fact the church is not a community itself!

Let me shed some light to this in two different ways, one, the community of the believers do not take care of their own. It is sad that we are not perfect in this example of caring of ‘others’, if we don’t do it towards our own, let alone people outside of us. I fault the system(paradigm) that we are in for this tho. (I see that maybe it is changing some in this arena.) Only because the paradigm is changing.

Two, the community of the outsiders have problems themselves that they cannot conform to a community of ‘family’, common interests, or even just a friendships. It is just sad to see, when we step back in our lives and see how things are working around us, or not working. I see this in a personal way from a unique way, that surprises me, but on the other hand it doesn’t because of how we have  no foundation to ‘see’ as a foundation to work with.

Community, It’s so much more than what we are knowing it is supposed to be. It’s so much more, it’s an influence to the ‘all the nations’.  Oh, if it was only so!!


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Second Eve

Way back in the beginning of my journey, biblical journey that is, one of my first insights to understanding the storyline of the bible was a book called “From Eternity to Here” by Frank Viola, I have decided to revisit it for this blog.

Chapter five talks about the “Second Eve”. First off we need to ‘see’ where this is coming from scripturally. It should be obvious that we are using the existence of the first and second human beings that God created. But with clarification, and this is important to understand is  that God created only one, with one inside of each other. They were actually halves of each other.

Where we go from here is cool and exciting, so hang on for something special.

The creation of  Adam and  Eve can be looked at as a ‘shadow’ of the real thing to come.

I will concentrate on the ‘Eve’ part of this blog, but we also need to remember the first part of the picture and that Christ is the ‘Second Adam’ to fully understand it all. With Christ’s resurrection defeating the ‘old adam’ in his tainted being, we have the ‘new resurrected being of Christ, who will now be completed with his new ‘half’ of himself, his bride, the body.

I will use some excerpts from this book by Frank Viola, which will define who and what ‘she’ is.

  • She is Christ in another form, for she was taken out of Him.
  • She takes the name of her Bridegrom. Just as Eve had Adam’s name before the fall, so the bride of Christ takes the name of Christ.
  • She is a new creation. In Ephesians 2.15, she is called “one new man,” or more literally,” one new human”.
  • She is the masterpiece of God. In Ephesians 2.10, Paul says she is God’s workmanship.
  • She is utterly devoted to her Lord, and her Lord is utterly devoted to her.
  • She is uncreated. She was built -fashioned- out of Jesus Christ Himself. She is spirit of His spirit just as Eve was flesh of Adam’s flesh (1 Cor. 6.16-17).
  • She is flawless. In the eyes of God,she is every bit as holy and as pure as Christ.Recall that when Eve made her appearance of earth, she was perfect,spotless, and without blame.(She made her appearance before the fall.)
  • She is Christ’s body. Eve was taken out of Adam’s physical body. In the same way, the New Eve, the bride of Jesus was taken out of Christ’s body.
  • Christ is the source of her life. He was the basis  for her existence.
  • She was made wholly for Christ. The Lord Jesus desired a counterpart to match Him.
  • She was hid in the Son of God before creation. Her origins  are not of this earth. They are in the unseen realm-  in heavenly places in Christ before time began (Eph 1.3-4;2.6)
  • She is the increase of Christ. When the bride came out of His side, Jesus Christ was increased. When she was formed,Christ was enlarged.
  • She in interdependent upon Christ. God pulled her out of Last Adam’s Pleura, His side(John 19.34)
  • She is the glory of Christ.  In the greak, the word traslated “glory” is doxa. The word doxology is derived from it.  A doxology is the closing piece of a musical presentation. It’s the grand finale.
  • She is the Second Eve , the mother of all who are alive in Christ. In Galations 4.26(NKJV), Paul says that “the Jerusalem above… Is the mother of us all” In Revelation 21.27, those whose names are written in the Book of Life live in the city of the New Jerusalem, the bride of Christ.

These are the who and what’s of the second eve, or as we commonly call her…. ‘the body of Christ’.

Can you see it!!

These bullet points were from Frank Viola’s book “From Eternity to Here”, pages 47-52. I highly recommend this book to ‘see’ the  the shadow’s and ‘the real thing’ in the storyline of the scriptures of God’s Kingdom and the Bride and Groom!!


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via The Artistry of Creation, Cosmic Temple, and Imago Dei (RJS)

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Oh, it is so key to anything that we want to know about!

If you start off on the wrong foot…….

Taking the wrong fork in the road will……..

These are a few of the sayings that we have that will affirm our suspicions that if we are under the wrong footings to start with, then we will surely end up somewhere where we don’t won’t to be.

This can be especially true when we as christians read the bible, and start with reading it from the beginning and just don’t ‘see’ what it is saying or representing a picture to us.

When we take anything and explain it to someone without actually being ‘in’ the original ‘construction’ or ‘ideal’ to know what the ‘idea’ was.

Genesis 1-2 is ‘Key’ to understanding the rest of the ‘whole’ storyline of the scriptures, it’s the Paradigm of God’s design of His creation! If you don’t fully understand it, re-read it 3 or 4 times, with a new and open mind from what you have previously understood the interpretation of the two chapters.

As with anything ‘new’ to us when we read something, is to know what the writer or author is telling us the starting point to where you will start and what the objective is.

Genesis is telling you something or showing you something  that you don’t know what it is yet.(My understanding) It won’t hit you what it is, until you read Leviticus. What? Leviticus is the manual for the Jewish people to design and create a ‘Temple’ for God to be apart for them. Now you have to go and read Leviticus to understand!! ha,ha. Pay close attention to the part that explains the Holy of Hollies, Image and the whole Temple concept.

Now go back and read Genesis 1-2. God,Image(Man), and his space(World)!!


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You can see it, You can feel it, and You can hear it.

Christianity is going thru a transformation in my opinion. I follow alot of authors of books or just blogs of various people in institutional church’s and out of the ‘church’. I watch video of people of pastors,teachers, authors, theologians to just follow them to be a fly on the wall to just see what the author or pastor’s are saying, but then the most interesting thing to do is to read the comment section of what ever you are reading. What is so interesting is that you get the full spectrum of things said by everyone.

What you need to do when you do this is listen from the commenter on where they are coming from. Inside the church, or outside the church. The ones that are speaking from inside the church are coming from the point that they are frustrated with one of many aspects of ‘their church’ that is actually a superficial skin of the makeup of their ‘worship’ experience. Which I could write a book on the subject on this but let me point out a couple of things which stick out that needs to be addressed.

You know the subject of ‘worship’ is just messed up in the mind of christians in that if we don’t like ‘the way’ the things are done, that all you have to do is to ‘church hop’ or building hop. This is changing scenes of your worship, to see if another ‘church’ within your denomination does it ‘better’. LOL. If the worship of your God is the one that you are worshipping on sunday morning at 10 am. and what you don’t like the ‘way’ the things are done(by your fellow worshippers, which are led by a pastor in the ‘service’. What part is wrong? The God, or the worshippers? God is Almighty, the Creator Lord and Savior. The worshippers are then to fault, Are they worshipping wrong, wrong day, wrong music,wrong preacher, wrong building, what is it?

There has been 50-60 years of trial and error of things from programs, people,style,day, and anything else that a ‘church’ has tried to bring in people to ‘save’ or to keep in their midst. But just maybe, it’s not anything of the things listed above. What if it is actually a different ‘Paradigm’ all together. Say Wwwwhhhhhaaattt?! This has always bugged me on the denial of this answer. Is it because of the ramifications that it would mean to the one we have now? I think that this is probably half of the problem and the other half would be the lack of knowledge of what worship is!

The other aspect of christians who are in turmoil  in their worship, come to realization that it is  just the denomination that is the issue in there church, and we have to just go to the extreme of denomination or even to go further and go into one of the world religions to be relieved of your anxiety of the right way to ‘worship’. How is it that  our ‘worship’ which is in disarray, gets defined by a new building of ceremony.

Where is our understanding of what ‘worship’ is defined? It is in Genesis 1-2, Revelation 21-22. check it out.

The final point is that there is alot of ‘Stirring’ in people trying to figure out what Worship of their God Is. Whether it be bad or good, it is being questioned, and it should.

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