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Say it isn’t so!

This ‘kingdom’ has got us wrapped around its little finger and we don’t even know it, or worse we don’t care!

There is this ‘just another day’ of life, and whatever it is that I must do to get thru it I will. There is even this notion that I must ‘better’ myself that I can make it easier on myself or get ahead that it is the right thing to do. Are we playing their rules or God’s? What does it say to our teammates or our adversaries? They are probably as confused as we are? We have to play the game. And we have to win! Where will it end, and when?

This kingdom that has got us is the one that has been around since it was created by ‘us’ the smart ones(the ones that said we could handle making the rules,and say who is in charge) starting with Adam and Eve and still continuing  with ‘us’.

The good things have been good, we can create our own good, our own way,our own time. That is in our own thinking,according to our individualist way, to each our own! LOL, look where this has got us, we believe we can and will create our own ‘good’, it should be respected by all that are around us and beyond. It is my right. But wait, it now can offend someone? And it is not alright, say it isn’t so. ha ha. Have we now created a conundrum all by our selves? We have created confusion all amongst ourselves, just in the name of us wanting to ‘set’ the rules of our ‘kingdom’.

Now, the bad. Where does one start? I’ll just let you fill in the blanks, the fact that you can fill in the blanks, should tell us something! But yet we still do it?

I almost feel that this encapsulating feeling is that it is the only game in town to be in to play. But why. For some of us, it should be seen as a insult. We know better.

Christianity has and is playing the same game! Why? …………….     I think I know, and it isn’t going to go over very well.

You see it is for the same reason  that God told all of God’s people of the old testament, it is for your ‘good’ that you seen as  the ‘good’ people of God and to be looked at as “My People” said God. It is to be that ‘they’ will ‘see’ who you are and believe that “I am your God”.  God told his believers that ‘He will make his people’, it would be in his own way and time. It was told to the Jews that they should not mix with their neighbors,because of the influence that they would have on them.  Their ways,their gods, their practices, and their rituals were the dirt to the white robes of the Israelites.

It is for this reason that it has evident that this is what has taken place to christianity. In our quest to welcome our neighbor to our family we have also welcomed the dirt of that neighbor in with it. It is when we welcome in the one that is family into our family that is unique and right to be apart of that family that we see that it belongs without hesitation that we can be white and pure in the truest sense.

Our ‘being’ Christlike  ‘is’ the attraction that everyone will see that we are christians, or to be more succinct, They(non-believers) will come to be in Him by ‘our being like Him’.

So, let’s don’t say: Say it isn’t so, that we(christians) are just like everybody else!

Let’s be different! Let’s be not of this world,kingdom but let us be of God’s kingdom and be different! Let’s be Christlike.

Let’s be of that “Kingdom not of this world” says Jesus.





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I find it ironic that that this word ‘Worship’ can be used as a noun(object) or a verb(action).(I do this for mainly me,wasn’t that good in english in school.)lol

The verb of this word assumes that you have the noun of this word.

Because you cannot have the verb without the noun first!

But I have problems with the noun first with society and christianity that troubles me. I fear that most people do not know or just not understand who or what they are worshiping!

If you ask everyone who or what people(society) worship(n) they will name of ,they will name off a hundred things, just say “everything”. But they will sometimes cringe when you try to name their personal ‘Worship'(n), it is hard for everyone to admit.

It is even more interesting when you prod them on first what or who it is, then you ask them to explore their lives and define how they live. Is it ‘all’, ‘part’ or ‘none’ of the defining things of who or what they see as ‘Worship'(n) of their belief?

After all, it is proof in the pudding in one’s own life on your life as an ‘example’ of one’s ‘Worship'(v).

One can also be fooled into believing that they are worshiping their ‘one true god’ when in fact they could be serving multiple gods. But for them to see that they are actually ‘worshiping'(n) the others will be a tough sell for them to see. Again, it is the actions of oneself to that ‘worship'(v) that prove itself to that god.

You see, if one is proclaiming to be that one ‘Worship'(n) person, it must be of ‘all or nothing’, there cannot be the multitude of ‘Worship'(n). It is especially designed in God’s Kingdom, that His proclamation is that “He is Lord of all”. This utterance of Kingship is in demanding sola rule. His rule trumps everyone and everything.

It is not realized with people that they have other things or people sharing that ‘worship'(n) with God. It is wise for one to sit back and look at the understanding of who is receiving their ‘worship'(v).

We must look at the things that we have that are blocking or are in-between what we ‘Worship'(n). We are fooled in thinking that their is nothing between us and Worship(n). But their usually is. There are alot of things that are, once we see what has our priorities are, we see we have multitude’s of things that get in our way of our ‘first’ worship'(n).

Just for fun let us look at some of the things that people mention as possible ‘gods’ of their ‘worship’. There is money, work, sex, nothing, drugs, living, life, stars, people, politics, evil, it is these that are more defined in our lives but it is also the little things that control our lives because of what we do that defines the ‘worship'(n) of our ‘worship'(v).

Take time to re-visit your worship(v) to see where your worship(n) really is. It might be very revealing!!



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Human will?

Do we have questions on what our human will can and can’t do? Maybe these verses can answer those questions.

Romans 9.9-18.  There are three points here to see in these verses that maybe we take for granted or don’t just ‘see’.  One, is that the revelation by Paul is taken from old, abrahamic era of the old testament. This and many other things in the old testament combined are setting up a storyline about God and his eternal purpose, we have to ‘see’ these things as interwoven into the old testament as a question, which will soon be answered in the new testament.

Secondly, There is a point in just the verses from 9-13. It is God’s choice on what happens in his story, who goes where,when, and how. It is also relevant in how God interacts with his creation,(This is the greatest difference in the Jewish God, and other gods, He was a vital hands on God that was trying to show and tell the Jewish people that he was still always there for them) God allowed sarah to have a son, and he was to have a part in God’s story.

Thirdly is the verse of sixteen that says “So then it depends not on human will or exertion, but on God, who has mercy.” and 17,18 that gives an example of it. 17-“For the scripture says to pharaoh, for this very purpose I have raised  you up,that I might show my power in you,and that my name might show my power in you,and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth. 18 So then he has mercy on whomever he wills and he harden whomever he wills”. ESV

God’s power does not depend on humans will to continue his story but is used in the telling of it.

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God-unfinished business?

Our God is an Awesome God.

He is the Alpha,Omega.(for those that don’t know what this means it is ‘the beginning,the end’)

He is ‘completeness’ defined.

I don’t think that many people understand the deep down underlining  issue that this means. He is the author. He is the creator. He is the Father. He is the Son. He is the Holy Spirit.

I want to concentrate on the second one that I mentioned last paragraph. We sometimes think of a creator as just a one time moment that God says “Let there be light”, “Let there be man”, or “let their be the universe”. But there comes a point that when ‘our creation has fallen’ that we must pick it up to make it right again. That it is at this moment that the ‘creator'(He) makes it right again. He wants it to be the same way as he designed it to be in the beginning! And no, his creation cannot put it back the way that it was! Irony!

Find a picture of the creation as seen in the pictorial bible that we always seem to fall back on as to what the Garden of Eden(Temple) looked like, and see how it now looks like as to God’s creation. Not physically(it is important), but spiritually the creation is not what it is supposed to be in God’s eyes.

*Temple- I want to sidestep to my comment in previous paragraph, to what the connotation of ‘Temple’ is meant. This is one of these things that God does in his scriptures, You have to read the whole bible to get the meaning of a word,phrase, or story to understand it. We don’t know what a temple is until God tell’s the Israelites what it is,how it is,where it its and why.

It isn’t until we read this portion of God’s description of the temple, that we see what He built in the Garden of Eden was the same thing!! It was never ‘called’ temple but in description it was.

God’s Temple– a place for image of the God, A God, A people. (ironically this is the same with any god of the times then, and so obvious of the time that we live in now!!)

God is not finished with his Temple,people,King. (although, this is actually what Jesus is saying when He is on the cross “It is finished”, the start of His kingdom is now in motion, I will announce the new but old kingdom in three days!!

Temple’s in the bible……….

Garden of Eden

Jerusalem-(a walled city of Israelites) *walled-yes this is ironic but let me show you something that you may have not thought of.  A walled off people that were different than anyone else in the world. circumcision-the identity of a people and their God. Jerusalem(jerusalem temple was built on a hill)  So………………………..

God built a people, a Temple, and a God, a “my people to be a light upon a hill, for the world to know”.

New Jerusalem=Revelation 21- The old is new. (The new is the old) can you see it? (The old is fulfilled in the new)

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What is the gospel?

The average christian knows where the ‘gospel’ message is told in the bible, the new testament,the first four books. The preacher told us where it was, our fellow church goers,our family, our friends, even our neighbors. But have we really heard the whole gospel?

But there is this new testament quirk, than just maybe we should take into consideration into the storyline of the gospel.

The disciples did it, the apostles did it, paul did it, peter did it, even Jesus did it. What was it?

They all quoted, referred to, or even told of the old testament scriptures as if they were supposed to mean something at their time of telling, let alone at the time of the scriptures then. But why? What was the point? Nothing back then could be relevant now,could it? Why was even Jesus quoting the old scriptures.

The scriptures were so important to the jewish nation that the pharisees,Sadducee’s,priests knew them frontward and backwards. They were important to know, they were from God. If God’s intention of us to know them was important(our society’s of knowing something is in the form of reading a book,whereas in the jewish realm and their society’s around them was of verbal form of daily repeating of a passage or a letter of the scriptures, with some in scroll form for the priests.) So, ‘knowing’ was reading or hearing the scriptures. But is this what God was wanting us to do? Our answer lies in the scripture when Jesus tells the pharisees that they were the ‘master’s’ of the scriptures considering this was their position of job. Jesus tells them that if they ‘knew’ the scriptures as they said they did, why then did you not know that He was to suffer and die on a cross?

If this was me Jesus was accusing me of not knowing the scripture, I would said to myself, “did I miss a chapter when I was sick that day?!” I don’t remember that!

We know in a very quick thought that it wasn’t in black in white or just plain obvious in the scriptures. So where was it? Who said it? Why? A Prophet? Moses? David? Solomon?

It had to be deeper in the scriptures meaning, not just the obvious stuff. Was there a code? God works in very amazing and insightful ways that only God can. Our humanness has handicapped us in our usual way of looking at things. But it is when we use that verse in Romans 12.2 of ‘having the mind of God’ that we can ‘see’ God’s design and purpose.

His story is being told in the old testament,starting with genesis and going thru revelation. It is incomplete if we only use those ‘4 books’ that have altered the whole story of the gospel.

Let us now use the whole scripture to ‘see’ the gospel, so that we will not be incomplete in His word.


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I would like to make two different observations in this blog that should make us relook at them, and hopefully dig deeper into our understanding of them.

My first one is the story of how and why we are where we are right now in our religion or christianity to be specific. My gut reaction to this statement is I know what the people’s answer will be. “It is not all about who or where we got our beliefs from”, “we received our understanding from the scriptures,the word of God”.  But alas, our belief’s have been handed down thru family tradition, thru society, thru ‘as a matter of fact’ or thru our pastor of 37 years or it is just the way things are. Let’s look at our circumstances that we have now in our world. We have over 130,000 denominations in our country that can be different because of one minor different belief than another one, but yet it has created another belief that has separated people and God.

This issue can be found in a major crescendo of time and events of the 16th Century of Martin Luther’s reformation from the Catholic Church. There were plenty of other minor blips on the screen from the first century to the 16th century but the Luther’s revolt of understanding of the scriptures was the opening of a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of religion.The age of Enlightenment also took part of this ‘box’. We are entrenched in our own understanding of the scriptures to the minor upon minor of things that can set us apart, set us apart like 130,000 denominations can.

But it is not about the 129,999 denominations that are wrong in their beliefs and the one that is right  but that the one thing that can bring all these people together in body,spirit and belief is totally different than any of them are proclaiming!

It is that their God, of which they are all talking about is “Now” the ‘God of this world and He is the King of All in All’. The Resurrection of Jesus the ‘Messiah’, is the ‘New Creation’ that is apart of this ‘New Kingdom'(this means all other kingdoms are now old and not in demand,people,organizations,governments, ideals, and denominations) This concept is apart of the phrase that is used in Heb 2.8 –YOU HAVE PUT ALL THINGS IN SUBJECTION UNDER HIS FEET.”
For in subjecting all things to him, He left nothing that is not subject to him. But now we do not yet see all things subjected to him. 

This is a subtle but glaring reference to Israel’s commission of becoming a light upon a hill in the old testament which it was supposed to do, but will finally ‘see’ their vocation from God to be this light to all.

This is the installing  of the new King but ironically the original King and kingdom back into power, and that has forgiven the subjects of their mis step of going another route of a different leader.

Heb 2. 8 is as it seems, very plain and straight forward. This is always the case if we don’t really look closely of scripture and go deeper into it. It is deeper than we humans always give credit to it. God has given ‘all authority to Jesus’. Did he not already have it? Yes and No. He had authority, but it was in the ‘Heavenly Kingdom(government)’ it is God’s ‘way’ of doing things. Not of the earthly or human things is the norm of our ways, but of God’s. God is now the ‘New Sheriff in Town’,He is the King of all Kings, Lord of Lords of the Earth, as it is in Heaven.(Sound familiar -Matt 6.10) God’s reign is now on earth, sound familiar again? Sounds alot like the Garden of Eden!

The second point, is the definition of ‘church’/’Church’ and its reality. Let’s tackle the Large C first which should make the small c more clear when we get to it.

The Large C , the ‘Church’ has been used as the whole group of ‘believers’ of God,God’s people.  Although I think this is where maybe we have gotten confused in our practice of it. If we are the believers of God, this characteristic should stand alone as a fact. We are a believer in God as our God. Period. There are no qualifiers to this stance in belief. It would be as I would proclaim that I am a ‘McCall’, my name says that I am, It is that I become a McCall when I go to a family reunion of the ‘McCall’s’ that I could only be a McCall. It is the part of the identity of the whole that I can be identified in. This is Church/Body of Christ/God that we are identified in, and He in me/us. It is not a place. This was used only in the old testament, to show the Israelites that God was still around with His people, his ‘light’ on the hill. He was not giving up on his people, still hasn’t to this day.

Now with that said, let us talk about mini ‘c’. To be identified with Large ‘C’ we would have to have the same characteristics as it would. So the mini ‘c’ is just a smaller picture or we could say a ‘cropping of the larger picture(C)’ that could be used. But remember it is still apart of the larger ‘C’ picture, same characteristics,same identities,same qualities as Christ/God . His paradigm is for the Large ‘C’ of the whole world.

So where and how do we go wrong with this paradigm? It seems we allowed a sliver of information to be in our paradigm, that taints it, so that it becomes ineffective.  Now, don’t go crazy here on me, when I say this, but the scriptures bear me out on this in it’s design of God’s Kingdom.

If we are to be God’s people(believers) becoming his body, why then do we have non-believers with us?

This after all was the charge that God gave the Israelites, for God gave them ‘different rules’ to follow, fleshly,spiritual, and Godly rules. This set them up as being ‘different’ in the people and god ways.

I find it ironic that we fail to see this in just normal and everyday things in our lives but we don’t take it’s relevance to heart. And it is this, how many times do we as individuals point out to a friend or colleague that ‘joe’ is something else, he’s different, he goes to a beat of a different drummer. He stands out from all the others. You and your friend then say I wish I could be like him, in normal life or work life. What if you are apart of a team of sports of some kind and you just can’t seem to work well with each other that makes you good or successful (this is just for example purposes). We then go and be with that other team to see what they have that we don’t. It then becomes a ‘light’ on the mountain example that we were proclaimed to be our vocation to God.

With this said, now don’t you sorta find it weird,crazy, and funny that you have all this kinds of religions that have difficulty in keeping people in their fold? What is with this church hopping too! I thought God was in ‘all’ church’s. Did you not like that God in your previous church? Is there better God at the next church?

Now is the time for ‘Man’ to come to an ‘understanding’ that something is wrong in this paradigm. Not a program,person, facility(God’s house, how dare you say you don’t like it, or the parking lot!) or the people in the church(I thought they were also God’s people,if you both were then you would both love each other). These issues are not because of program or way of doing something, it is paradigm issue, it’s not the right one!

Where did it go wrong?

There is a theme in the whole entire bible, not just four books of the bible, we need to include all the bible(old testament continues into the new testament) in our understanding of God’s word.

Now we should search the scriptures, our hearts, our minds, and God, with prayers and direction in all the things we do and say to be apart of the Big ‘C’!

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Where Heaven and Earth shall meet

I would find it puzzling just as the disciples did when Jesus was talking to them in a ‘abstract story’ or parables about other people and other examples of life’s hidden meanings. Why didn’t Jesus talk to us one on one with what he was trying to say to us in easy to understand aramic or greek, why did he use these stories to get his point across?

He was a jew just as they were, why use stories or illustrations as a parable? It would of probably helped the disciples in their learning the ways of God and heaven. After all, they were used to were doing things a certain way, talk a certain way, learn a certain way, but Jesus, God’s son was telling them riddles, stories of people and places that they know nothing about for reference. But why?

My first thought, in this instance is that Jesus was showing the ‘Heaven’ side of himself.

This was Jesus thinking and telling his disciples to think and to show the side of themselves as ‘God’s son’ would. The heavenly side.  The side of life that lived the ‘God like way’, this is the ultimate desire of God. It was what was missing from their lives of being Holy,Godly or a ‘image’.

The things that were told to the disciples were just a taste of things to come to all of us when we realize that when we have the  continuous touching of ‘heaven and earth'(God and man) that things are different,unique, Holy, and glorious.

This touching of Heaven and Earth, was a precursor of what will become an eventual reality in God’s timing in the things to come. The example that was laid out in the scriptures is the forming of the world with the epicenter of God’s world, the Garden of Eden, with Him and his creation of Man. It was finished!

But their was a hiccup in man that changed this scenario, by not accepting this image bearing of being the creation of God and the oneness of it, man stepped out of this picture to be separate, to be different than man’s creator, to be just man.

It is this scenario that we should always look back to see where it should be at. The place where God and Man communed together in every way that was meant to be as the creator designed it to be. It was the image and image maker living in the world that they were designed for. Man has ventured into the realm of being the focus of a image of something else rather that the image maker’s design. Mankind has designed, imagined,focused on every aspect of ourselves to recreate what we would be as the creator of ourself but have failed.

It is at this point that that we should desire to get back to our original surroundings that we were created for, and the picture that we were meant to be. A image of God.

But let me take this further, and emphasize that this ‘touching’ of Heaven and Earth is as artificial as we have made it in our christian ways as the Jews in the old testament made as an example in their lives as the ‘Temple’,or ‘Synagogues’ as ‘the place where God and man could be together. This was just a sample of what God’s desire for his people to always be together in ‘Holy union’ as in a marriage. As for the Israelites and for us, this should show that this is just a example of God not leaving us totally after our discretions that we showed. He still cares, He had a point of connection to be with ‘His people’. But He wants more, all of us, all the time, just as the garden.

Our continuous striving to make just a decimal point of unity with God at one location seems minimalist in our attempts to ‘be’ with God our creator. God created the world, the universe, the image of himself to live in his creation, why would he still make the point to come to spot in the road to ‘see’ him? Matthew 18.20 points out to God’s kingdom has no walls or boundaries when he says-“For where two or three have gathered together in my name,I am there in their midst.”

We have for to long limited God and imprint among God’s creation to just four walls, our continuous presence in all the world is what God’s desire is to be.Maybe then, we can be that ‘Light upon the hill that shines for all the world to be.’ Amen and Amen.


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