Living like it’s your last day! Living Large. Living to the extreme! Living to Live! These are things that we all say to each other to reinforce our thinking that we are living only to make things bigger and better.

We can start our day with great intentions of building our life up of living the best day ever,accomplishing what we are set out to do. We know how to just survive our day of work,eat,rest and sleep then do it again the next day, and the next day,etc.

We are striver’s, entrepreneurs,builders,dreamers, we want like no other. Our living is our sole mission in life. We only go to work, to get our wants, to continue this seems a never ending story.

My take on this livin is that I think that we have it all figured out! We can live with the best of them. We can party until the cows come home. Our enjoyment is our life.

I think this is where we have missed the boat!

We have learned the art of Living! But we don’t know how to DIE!

Now, I want to clarify myself on what I mean. We have problems on how to die, we try to hide it, cure it, and sometimes we just ignore it. It’s like we don’t wan’t to or something. God or no doctor has ever said that we would live forever! But yet we fight it and struggle with it.

I want to do some math for you next. if 2+2=4,then I think this correlation might  be the same.

In our christian life we know the story of Christ dieing on the Cross with our sins, we also died on that cross! Christ died for us,with us. Our humanity has died. Christ’s spirit lives on with us and with Christ.

Have we ever thought there might be  a correlation between the afraid to die a physical death  and the failure of us dieing to Christ?

Our dieing to Christ should look totally different than what I am seeing in God’s church!

My inclination is leading me to believe that we haven’t died! just yet.




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  1. I totally agree……yet……dying is not so easy…….and we must consistently make that choice moment by moment and day by day…….dying to self is a real challenge…….and only obtainable when we focus on replicating the life of Christ.

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