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Did you know?

Did you know that God wrote the the New testament in the Old Testament!
The entire new testament is foreshadowed into the Old testament.
Next time you read Genesis, read it with this in mind. God’s word is sooooo enlightening!!!!


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How does one tell,show,convince, or believe in the concept Spiritual Reality?

This subject has been weighing on my mind for quite awhile now, and the only answer that I have to reply with is—- I don’t!!!

This may sound weird and controversial, but I believe that this is how I truly believe that God wants me to proceed in my journey. My belief in the “indwelling of God’s Spirit” in me, and to just “live that Spirit” and to “just be” .

Let me clear the mud in what I am saying. My journey has come from a lot of different things and from different perspectives and my personality. I am one of kind! but that might not be good!ha,ha. But God thinks that it is, you see we are all different, in our unique ways that God made us. We think and act in different ways. I do not know how anybody processes things so that they understand something, the only thing that I can do is to have my “testimony of God”. I am not sure that God wants us to have that responsibility of knowing on how to actually reach someone or “save” someone.

The concept that Jesus uses in Matthew of the seed falling to the ground is a good example of what I am talking about. My understanding of this parable is that”Us”(I will elaborate on this in a second),falls to the ground, to different kinds of dirt or rock, and acts accordingly. I first am a seed, which is easy to understand, if I am planted I will grow into something bigger and better. Secondly, I will produce offspring! Multiply!! Thirdly, the condition that I surround this seed in, my environment is the key to the growth of the seed. My rationalization of this is that I have to be in deep fertilizer! Not rocky soil,not shallow fertilizer, but deep fertilizer that keep me grounded in the soil.

When you talk about starting to plant with seeds, did you know that their is usually something that is overlooked of that planting?  Every seed has to DIE before it can reproduce!!!!!

We must completely die to being a seed!!!!! We cannot be a seed no more. we cannot be that shell of seed, we cannot be that small or useless seed. We have to die,be buried, and rise again in a different realm of life! Re-read my last line, does this sound familiar? Isn’t this the exact same thing the Jesus did!

When I said “US” in the fifth paragraph, this statement might be confusing to some. This Us is Jesus and You and me that He took with Him to the Cross and Died for us,with us,and was all about us. Our humanity was killed! Jesus humanity was killed. His and our humanity is dead, but there is still that process and memory that we have journeyed through our lives that we can Thank God for! But we have to realize that we are now in the New Kingdom.  We are not of this World! Jesus words to Pilate are the crux of our living! John 18:36- Jesus answered,”my kingship is not of this world;if my kingship were of this world,my servants would fight,that I might not be handed over to the Jews; but my kingship is not from the world.

John 18:37- Pilate said to him,”so you are a king” Jesus answered, “You say that I am a king. For this I was born, and for this I have come into the world,to bear witness to the truth. Every one who is of the truth hears my voice.” RSV

I am to bear witness to the truth. period. Amen and Amen

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Describing your wife to someone that has never met them can be a challenging task. We can either describe them in their physical way or their personality way. Which way would you describe your spouse? I would describe my wife in the personality way because of the more descriptive manner that I can show her  true self.

My personality descriptive explanation of my wife who’s name is Debbi, will be things that you won’t see in a physical way, but in a mannerism, or her character or her many wonderful qualities of a wife that she has.

I am telling you things about my wife that are not things that you can see with your naked eye, but the non-physical things or I will call them her spiritual characteristics. I want to use the word spiritual for a reason. We as Christians need to change our perspective,or paradigm of our christian life. If we are the indwelling of Christ, why are looking thru humanistic eyes. Christ came to us in a man state to only show us that He had to die in His man state to be resurrected as a Heavenly Christ. God’s goal was not for us to follow Jesus walk on this earth as His example,but His dying to His self, to be raised up to a resurrected life of Christ.

This state of Christ is not in anyway the same as Jesus walking on the way to Jerusalem on a saturday afternoon. This is Christ being God as He designed Him.

My description of Christ is very personal and very real to me, it even is a inner me of Him, It is a bond. Christ’s humanness was only 33 1/2 years long! Christ’s Spirit has always been around!!!!!

God’s eternal plan was to create a people that He could come Home to and have fellowship with them. His Spirit with their Spirit. The New Jerusalem or tabernacle will be of this Great Union, God’s Spirit and ours! What a day that will be!!



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Back to the basics

Can this be the year that we cutout the fluff? Do we really need all that stuff laying around our house just to look good or to just be a “knick knack”. Do we really need to have something if we only use it once, or it is out of sight?

We really do need to re-evaluate our lives and our stuff! Go ahead take inventory of your house, look at everything you have in display,look at things that you packed up in your attick,your basemant or just in your closet. If you haven’t used it in awhile, why not get rid of it and get a little money for it. In your searching through  your house you can also notice what you or your families priorties  are!

Our purpose  in life should be the basic of life’s living. Eat,sleep,and breath. I don’t take this light either. You see this is what God intended us to do from the beginning of time. Eat,sleep and breathe of Christ. Our lives were created to be of God,for we were made in the image of God, we need to be filled with the basic’s of God.

We need to have these 3 things in our lives and only these 3 things. We need to eat of God, His words,His thoughts,and His ways. This is actually our christian diet of sorts. You see we might cheat on this diet and eat of something not of God!

Our breathing should be natural, of the spiritual way. We breathe in our human form without thinking, our breathing of God should be just as natural. Our mind,body and spirit should be in perfect harmony with each other. Our daily lives should be in sync with God and His will that we should not even have to think about it.

The third basic of life is that of rest. We do not treat this basic aspect of life very good. We either are resting to much or not enough. God designed the world with every intention of 7 days of creation,not 6. You see 7 days is a complete number in all by itself. But that the fact that there was 6 days of work and stop was not the intention of God. It was the intention of God to create the World in 6 days and then rest and enjoy All His Creation! This was not for God to enjoy just for Himself, for that would not be enjoyable. It was for Him to enjoy His creation with US! Is that Awesome or what!!!

So Let’s get back to the basics and enjoy God!!

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Watchman Nee and Witness Lee

Anyone read from these guys? Their Living Stream Ministry has alot of resources for use. One of them is the the Life Study of the Bible.
I have using this for almost 9 months, I started with Genesis and I am now finishing up Leviticus. This study is amazing insight to the bible, Witness Lee has expressed his indwelling of Christ into actual insight into the bible that makes it understood and under a different Light! It has changed my life and my understanding of the bible is totally clear now!
If anyone else is or has read the Life study to let me know so we can chit chat on it. Would love to discuss this amazing inspiration!
If you would like to check this study out, go to or for short.


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I see Dead people!

I look around me and I see dead people walking. It is so sad.
Dead people that are just walking around in their own world of selfishness, prestige, and denial. They are dead in the world that can never give them life.
Christ came to Us to give us Life. We chose death that fateful day in the Garden of Eden, and we have been living in it ever since. If we chose Life through Christ to God. We will be Alive and well!!
I pray that you will “see dead people” and realize that you yourself are dead or someone you know is dead and to pray for them and Live the Life of Christ as the “walking Alive”.!!

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Let’s take this from a different View!

New Year, New Way!

This year when reading your bible, try reading the Bible a different  way.

Don’t read the bible in the traditional  way of reading the words that portray a story of Moses, Or Christ walking along the Sea of Galilee, or Paul writing letters in his cell block, read the bible as if it was a picture book of God’s portrail of Him wanting to create a likeness of Himself and having His people be filled with His indwelling to be as one.

You see I don’t believe that God intended the Bible to be looked at as just a chapter and verse story book that we could just pick and choose what it should mean to us. If we would look at the Bible as a complete picture of God’s plan of redemption for man and His recovery to God, we would see that God’s picture is a awesome Rembrandt!

Look at the Bible as not humanistic rituals or rights of  rituals, for us to follow all the way down the yellow brick road!! But look and listen to the types of Christ that is portrayed in the old testament. Look at the building of the tabernacle not as blueprint by the numbers, but as a type of what the church is not in our life on earth as Christians but as what God designed as the church as not this building set forth as a ritualistic pattern of living, but of our sacrificial living as a example to God. Our sole purpose from Day One was to be “Life”, God. Christ is and was a example  of us choosing Life, not good and evil, as we did in the Garden of Eden.

We need to dig deeper and to look into God’s Spirit and see  God’s Eternal Purpose! I pray that you take another look at the Bible as a Eternal Picture Of His Purpose.

Hang on, because you will be on the ride of your Life!  I have!

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